One year has passed since the GDPR caused significant buzz (and panic for some). Where do ACC Members stand at the anniversary of the GDPR?

  • Where does the advertising sector stand in the compliance process?
  • What are the risks of non-compliancy? How to react to a client requesting an audit?
  • Need a jump start? Not certain you got it right? How can we help you to comply?
  • Practical recommendation to join the group GDPR CAA (Compliant Advertising Agencies Group.
  • Legal issues in digital marketing. 
  • e-Privacy Regulation update.

GDPR compliance statistics for the advertising sector

Together with the ACC, Koan conducted a brief audit on the websites of ACC Members to check whether the following elements were in place:
(i) a privacy policy; (ii) a cookie policy; and (iii) a cookie banner.

Obviously, the requirements and obligations of the GDPR go much further than having these three things in place on your website. However, a client, consumer or the Data Protection Authority can easily check whether you have this in place in order to get a first impression of your level of GDPR compliancy. Passing this simple test is therefore essential.



Discover the results underneath.



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