The Belgian agencies perform outstandingly in international awards contests and our top creatives are often solicited in prestigious juries; where they collect an incredible amount of insights and discover the latest and most innovative trends. At St-Canneke, the equivalent of the Cannes Croisette in Antwerp, we invite the Belgian Jury members to share their experiences with those who stayed behind and we celebrate our huge successes of the festival season.

Presentations 2018

Ann Maes (Ogilvy)

Geert Verdonck (TBWA)

Sophie Van Laer (Initiative)

Sophie de Plecker (Leo Burnett)


Presentations 2017

Pieter Staes (These Days)

Katrien Bottez (Famous)

Catherine Hermans (Happiness)

Davy Caluwaerts (ZenithOptiMedia)

Patrick Dooms (Sonicville)



Presentations 2016

Dieter De Ridder (Air)

Dries De Wilde (Duval Guillaume)

Kris Hoet (Happiness)

Seb De Roover (&Koo)

Thierry Van Durme (Sonicville)