Freelance services via The Maffia

Freelance services via The Maffia

Founded in 2003, the Maffia rapidly grew into the most important bunch of freelancers serving agencies in the communication market. They come in, do the job, get out. Deadly efficient and dedicated to the bone.

Today the Maffia is open to all. Working for agencies and small businesses. Because the little advertiser deserves great advertising too.

Work with us and you’ll find that:

  1. We go all the way for our freelancers. We educate them, inspire and support them, so they can be the best freelancer they can be. And ultimately it’s you who benefits from that support. One day they will work for you.
  2. We know our people personally. So when you’re looking for that extra help or a specialist profile, we know who to call. Test us.
  3. We are surprisingly open and transparent. We take no margins on top of our freelancers. Instead we work with a fixed fee.

Questions or desperately looking for an extra hand?

Drop us a line at or call us at +32 473 23 18 12