Advertising Self Regulation & the JEP

Advertising Self Regulation & the JEP

All acc members have signed the acc Charter in which they declare to adhere to the recommendations of the Raad voor de Reclame / Conseil de la Publicité and the decisions of the JEP (Jury for Ethical Practices in advertising) regarding ethical communication.

General codes

The basic principles that need to be respected in all commercial communications can be found in the first chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Code on Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (ICC Code) (in Dutch: / in French: all marketing communications should be legal, decent, honest and truthful, and should be prepared with a due sense of social and professional responsibility.

Some of these broadly formulated rules are further specified in the JEP Rules on the representation of persons (in Dutch: / in French:

A recent recommendation by the Raad voor de Reclame / Conseil de la Publicité deals with gender and stereotypes in advertising, with the purpose to increase our sense of responsibility and avoid disrespectful stereotyping. Download these Gender guidelines below.

All codes that are applied by the JEP can be found on its website The Raad voor de Reclame / Conseil de la Publicité moreover published a booklet with the most important legal and self-regulatory texts regarding advertising: its electronic version is available free of charge to acc members.

Sectoral codes

There are also several advertising codes for specific categories of products and services, most notably

Copy advice

Last but not least, when in doubt, agencies (or their clients) can always ask the JEP for copy advice.

You have an option between an advice from the back office – limited in scope to an overview of the relevant rules and Jury decisions – or a full-fledged advice by the Jury itself – who is entitled to actually (conditionally) approve the submitted ads. Indeed, the latter type of advice is binding for the Jury in case of later complaints.

More information on or in the document below.