(Sold out) YAB: An evening with Hotel Hungaria - how to make a kick-ass production


Speaker: Laura De Kort & Lore Peersman


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Good production is characterized by a clear briefing, an elaborated PPM and a feasible planning. But where do you start? How do you interpret a planning? How do you follow up? How do you make a story that everyone loves?


In this session, Hotel Hungaria will let us glimpse into their world.

  1. Production from A to Z, from production brief to post production. What does a good production brief consist of? And what souldn't be in it?
  2. How does production work? What are the steps to follow? What is the use of a PPM? We'll go through some terms in the production process and the point of no return. Eg. offline vision, online vision, post production,...
  3. Learnings and pitfalls including some anecdotes from set 

Maximum participants: 30


Laura De Kort is team leader and producer at Hotel Hungaria and has many years of experience as a producer.
Lore Peersman is her collegue and account manager at Hotel Hungaria. She has more than 10 years of experience as an account manager.


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