Masterclass Gen Y & Z: How to Attract and Motivate Young Talent


Speaker: Amélie Rombauts

General introduction

Young potentials from Generations Y and Z, especially their lifestyles, tastes and preferences, are making agencies’ management teams nervous. What are their professional expectations? Which values prevail? What keeps them motivated? Etc.

ACC Belgium Expert Center Sector Challenges, in collaboration with Trendwolves, has initiated a project to help our member agencies understand Gen Y and Z better, and to identify their differences and similarities. The project consists of 4 consecutive phases: this introductory Masterclass, a subsequent quantitative internal survey, and later a qualitative validation in focus groups and trend report.


The Masterclass “Gen Y & Z: How to Attract and Motivate Young Talents” kicks off the project. Amélie Rombauts, trend researcher at Trendwolves, will share her insights based on her latest research on generational shifts in the workforce, on Trendwolves’ recent Youth Trend Report ‘Browsing The Margin’ and her own book ‘Framily. Millennials redesign family.’ 

The Masterclass will take place following the ACC Belgium General Assembly on October 19th, from 15h00 until 16h30, to allow CEO, COO, Brainmasters and other attendees to easily join afterwards. The participation fee is 50€.

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Next step(s)

If you are interested in the internal Agency Survey, please send an e-mail to More information will follow.


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  • ACC Belgium, Rue Saint-Hubert 17, 1150 Brussels
  • 19.10.2017
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