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We have selected 4 coaching, management and leadership skills courses (in Dutch) from Kluwer Opleidingen.

  • “Start to coach”: Don’t yell but cheer! Basic skills for supportive coaching in 3 days.
  • “Leiding geven en stresspreventie”: recognising stress and burn-out with yourself and in your team; tools to handle stress pro-actively.
  • “Management Skills Program”: improve your management skills
  • “Conflicthantering”: from conflict to better collaboration, improved productivity and a positive working environment.

ACC members will receive a 10% discount. Please mention “Acc member” in the notes section (Opmerking) of the registration. 

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Note: please refer to Kluwer’s website for exact dates and alternative sessions.


ACC Endorsed

  • Open to all
    • Senior
    • Management skills
    • Personal skills

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