It is hard to make name as a young creative in our industry. YoungDogs Belgium is an independent organisation started by 6 young people working in advertising. The purpose of YoungDogs is to give young creatives the chance to work on real briefs by real clients. The winners of the pitches get tickets to the Cannes Lions Festival.

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Members of the Expert Center YoungDogs

  • Eline Goethals (FCB Global & Happiness)
  • Arjen Tarras (Wunderman Antwerp)
  • Barbara Dzikanowice (Happiness Brussels)
  • Cato Decoster
  • Eline Rousseau (mortierbrigade)
  • Dorien Van Antwerpen
  • Isabelle Cuyckx (LDV United)
  • Yannick De Haes (Air)