Public & Influencer Relations

Public & Influencer Relations

Public Relations becomes ever more important in the new ways brands and companies want to engage with their targets. New ideas, concepts and conversations only get picked up if they're spread in the good way. That is why ACC recently started a new Expert Center Public & Influencer Relations: in order to stimulate cross fertilisation between PR and the other elements of the communication mix or channel plan. 

Members of de Expert Center Public & Influencer Relations

  • Werner De Smet (OONA) PRESIDENT
  • Alessandra Teston (Ogilvy & Social.Lab)
  • Andrew Vassello (Walkie Talkie)
  • Bert Marievoet (Native Nation)
  • Bert Van der Jonckheyd (Parlez)
  • Delphine De Pauw (Lewis)
  • Ismaël Colen (Native Nation)
  • Jente Joris (RCA)
  • Laure Miquel-Jean (TBWA)
  • Lieselot Moerkerke (Wunderman)
  • Liesbeth Pyck (Famous Relations)
  • Marie Lemaitre (Walkie Talkie)
  • Mie Van der Auwera (Mmbsy)
  • Myra Nurski (Media Mania)
  • Stijn Nachtergaele (Nightingale)
  • Wendy Jaspers (UPR)