Event Marketing

Event Marketing

Event Marketing becomes a more and more strategic tool in the marcom mix, because it offers the ultimate opportunity to interact with ones' target, be it B2B or B2C. The Event Marketing agencies have joined the ACC in 2012, with the ambition to streamline and upgrade their processes and to become more strategic partners to their clients.

Members of the Expert Center Event Marketing

  • Pascal Cauwelier (FFWD Events) = President
  • Alexander De Chaffoy (Verhulst)
  • Alexandre Velleuer (Vo Communication)
  • Annemie Braes (Cum Laude Events)
  • Annemie Verschueren (Voice)
  • Bart De Leeuw (BBDO)
  • Bert Knuts (Event Masters)
  • Brend Dangreau (Brand Event)
  • Bruno Pani (Profirst)
  • Bruno Schaubrouck (We Make You Happy)
  • Dieter Veulemans (CityCubes)
  • Frank Anthierens (DDMC)
  • Geert Vanoverschelde (Sylvester Events)
  • Griet Paulissen (Way2Events)
  • Hans Perquy (MeetMarcel)
  • Isabel De Schryver (The Oval Office)
  • Jan de Wieuw (Jada Events)
  • Jean-Philippe Maes (Profirst)
  • Jo Haegeman (White Rabbit)
  • Joris Tanghe (Open The Fridge)
  • Karin Van Passel (D-Side Group)
  • Kim Huyskens (OONA-Playtime)
  • Koen Devogelaere (Escape Events)
  • Koenraad Vanhove (Conrad Consulting)
  • Kurt Derauw (A First Impression)
  • Marc-Antoine Sauvage (The Oval Office)
  • Matthias Lievens (Clouds)
  • Michel Culot (Vo Communication)
  • Michel Huvenne (Cecoforma)
  • Michel Robberechts (Brand Event)
  • Michel Van Camp (New Balls Please)
  • Mieke Berendsen (Balthazar)
  • Nico Ruell (Butik)
  • Niels Verstraete (Act!Events)
  • Olivier Bialek (secondfloor)
  • Olivier Trop (The Oval Office)
  • Pat De Jonge (Escape Events)
  • Patrick Parmentier (Vo Communication)
  • Patrick Vermaerke (Bevas)
  • Pieter Derudder (DM'S)
  • Schroyen Ruben (Way2Events)
  • Stefan Czerwatiuk (Act!events)
  • Steve Roose (Event Mosaic)
  • Stijn Lambrechts ( To the point events)
  • Thierry Verhulst (Verhulst)
  • Tom Bellens (Push to Talk)
  • Valerie De Knop (DDMC)
  • Vinciane Morel (Vo Communication)
  • Werner De Smet (OONA)
  • Wim Van Besien (Perfect+ Events)
  • Wouter Boits (The Oval Office)

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Tools & Services

  • Police Checklist Private Events NL

    REQUEST (members only)
  • Police Checklist Private Events FR

    REQUEST (members only)
  • Checklist - Annulation Polis by insurance company Verheyen NL

    REQUEST (members only)
  • Checklist - Annulation Polis by insurance company Verheyen FR

    REQUEST (members only)
  • Event Marketing agencies promote themselves in prestigious binder

    Twenty seven Event marketing agencies have joined to create a prestigious binder in which they present themselves to prospects, suppliers and non ACC member agencies. The purpose being to inform and stimulate all concerned parties and facilitate the search process for agencies with an ACC Quality label.
    Order your binder at: stephanie.vazquez@accbelgium.be
  • UBA-ACC - Event Client Briefing - NL

    REQUEST (members only)
  • UBA-ACC - Event Client Briefing - FR

    REQUEST (members only)