Brand Activation

Brand Activation

In this Expert Center, we focus on initiatives and techniques that stimulate innovation and further professionalisation of Brand Activation & Field Marketing. We believe that this goes far beyond the old school definition of POS promotions and embrace every form of consumer activation, be it a purchase, a prescription, a subscription, an enquiry, a recommendation, ... In this regard, Brand Activation is no longer the exclusivity of Brand Activation Agencies; all parties concerned with getting people in the target group to respond are involved in Brand Activation.

Members of the Expert Center Brand Activation

  • Daniel Schots (BBDO) = President
  • Benoit Desadeleer (Altavia Act)
  • Dieter Veulemans (CityCubes)
  • Pierre Lepeer (Lielens)
  • Vincent Simons (Altavia Act)