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Manual & list of ACC Brainmasters.

Here are some brief guidelines for using The Brainery most efficiently:


Searching for the right courses, trainings and events

Courses are featured in alphabetical order but there are other ways to find the courses you are looking for by using the menu box on the right-hand side of the screen.

The Sort by function will allow you to change the standard alphabetical order and select “Latest published”, “Sort chronologically” or “Sort by rating”; in the latter case, highest rated courses will appear first.

You can use one or a combination of pre-defined Filter functions. You will see the courses that you look for, based on Skills (Account & Project mgt, Creative, Financial, Management, Personal, Strategic and Technology), Organizer (ACC Initiated, Hosted and Endorsed) and Seniority (Junior, Senior and Student).

Finally, there is also a Search function where you can fill in a key word.

Finding information

Items on The Brainery have the qualification UPCOMING or PREVIOUS just below the name and stars score of the course. “Upcoming” eans that we have planned the course within the next months and “previous” means that we have organized the course before but you can still consult information and provide your evaluation.

Every course has a summary intro on The Brainery homepage. The Info & Subscription button accesses the course page with a more detailed summary, information about the trainer, link to the website, and attached brochures in some cases. A short information overview on the right-side shows following key data:

  • ACC Initiated, Hosted or Endorsed
  • Open to (all or members only)
  • Seniority
  • Skills
  • Date/time

On the course pages itself, the short information overview features all the above information, including the location (address) and price. 


To subscribe for acc Endorsed courses and training, clicking the subscription button or weblink will redirect you to the trainer’s website for subscription. In some cases, a promo-code is mentioned to activate the ACC members’ discount. 

To subscribe for acc Initiated and Hosted trainings, you should login first (see below) to complete the online form.

Multiple subscriptions: for some courses, trainings and event, you can subscribe more than one participant. To do that, you should import the Excel template to fill out the names of all participants, including yourself (if you are participating). Afterwards, you can review the list and you should validate the subscription. Your team will be successfully enrolled if all mandatory fields (name, first name, e-mail) have been completed.

Providing feedback

Your evaluation is very relevant to guarantee qualitative courses, trainings and events. It allows us to purpose the best trainings, with an interesting members’ discount, on The Brainery.

Every previous course has a comments & rating button that will bring you to the same section of the course page. Opening the drop-down section, your name and e-mail address will be pre-filled out, but you should still:

  • Select the number of stars (1 to 5) you want to attribute as a general appreciation of the course;
  • Fill out the validation code from the image in the designated box;
  • Add your comment(s).

Proposing new courses and trainings

If you are in need for a course or you want to suggest a great course, you can always propose a training by clicking on Propose a training in the right-side menu. It opens a brief form for Brainmasters or members to complete.

Login to ACC

To subscribe to, or evaluate courses, trainings and events, you need to log in to the ACC website. There are 2 ways.

  • When starting your session, at the homepage, you can click on the Log in button in the top right-hand corner of the page. Afterwards you will be asked to fill in your e-mail address and you will receive an e-mail with a link. By using the link, you are automatically logged in to our website.
  • The other option is, when clicking on the subscription button on a course page, if you are not already logged in, you will have to fill in your e-mail address. After that, you will receive an e-mail with a link towards your online profile on the website. After this, you are logged in and you are ready to start.

EFFIE Recommended

All the courses and trainings on The Brainery have been selected on relevance and quality. Some of them are extra valuable when it comes to building an EFFIE case. These featured trainings have been labeled EFFIE RECOMMENDED.


ACC Brainmasters

A Brainmaster is the designated responsible for training in your agency. You can contact her or him to ask for more information on courses, trainings and events. Here is a list of all Brainmasters in the ACC agencies:

  • &KOO: Sven Luyten
  • 20Something: Flup Coppens
  • 3Dimension: Wael Altarabishi
  • Act!Events: Stefan Czerwatiuk
  • Absoluut: Piet Schepers
  • AIR: Lena Vyncke
  • Balthazar Events: Mieke Berendsen
  • BBDO: Caroline Troquet
  • BeContent: Karen Vandenbossche
  • Bevas: Jeroen Vandevelde
  • Bold&Pepper:Lieven Hooft
  • Boondoggle: Bart Plessers
  • Boris Agency: Katleen Depaepe
  • Brand Event: Brend Dangreau
  • Bubka: Michel Laukens
  • CityCubes: Dieter Veulemans
  • Clouds: Sien Vergauwe
  • Comith: Sarah Segers
  • Conrad Consulting: Koen Vanhove
  • Cypres: Steven Pauwels
  • D-Side: Patricia Mommaerts
  • Dallas: Dirk Cassiers
  • Darwin: Guy Geerts
  • DDB : Sylvie Decouvreur
  • DDMC Event Design : Nathalie Rasschaert
  • Demonstr8: Pascal Jaques
  • De Vloer: Patrick Clymans
  • DigitasLBi: Jean-Philippe Desager
  • Duval Guillaume: Elke Janssens
  • Duval Union: Wim Segers
  • Event Masters: Bert Knuts
  • Explained: Cris Jansen
  • f-twee: Frank Goetmaeckers
  • Fast Forward: Jelle Leplae
  • Gicom: Lise-Marie D'hooghe
  • Gutzandglory: Wolf Florizoone
  • Havas: Murielle Segers
  • Head Office: Evi Malcorps
  • Headline Publishing: Ann De Beukelaer
  • Hotel Hungaria: Jeroen Van Haele
  • Invisible Puppy: Anthony Slabinck
  • Jada Events: Jan de Wieuw
  • Jansen&Janssen: Anneleen De Vos
  • Kunstmaan: Charlotte Fonteyn
  • LDV United: Petra De Roos
  • Leo Burnett: Jeroen Vernelen
  • Lielens: André Dusausoy
  • Magelaan: Cathy Willem
  • Make Lemonade: Liesbeth De Vos
  • MeetMarcel: Bartel Van Iseghem
  • Mink: Marijke Van der Haegen
  • Mortierbrigade: Vincent D'Halluin
  • New Balls Please : Michel Van Camp
  • Ogilvy & Social Lab: Albane De Chevigny
  • OONA : Werner De Smet
  • Peggy O: Heidi Seys
  • Perfect Plus Event Productions DMC: Wim Van Besien
  • Propaganda: Annick Laporte
  • Prophets: Björn Joos
  • Publicis: Jeannette Westerhout
  • Push to Talk: Tom Bellens
  • Quidando: Isa Pascual
  • RCA Group: Petra Noppe
  • Roularta Custom Media : Kris Dewitte
  • Serviceplan: Frédéric Sodermans
  • Spicymotion: Yves Van Lent
  • Spyke: Wouter Temmerman
  • Strategie: Stéphanie Dechamps
  • Supermachine: Elke De Vilder
  • Sylvester Events: Clara Vanmuysen
  • TBWA: Catherine Lurinx
  • The Other Agency: Ninia Daelman
  • The Maffia: Inge Crauwels
  • The Reference: Anja Cappelle
  • The Fat Lady: Frank Geerts
  • The Oval Office: Sovanna Hem
  • These Days: Sophie Steyaert
  • Verhulst Events & Partners: Alexandre De Chaffoy
  • VO Communication: Gaelle Van Wettere
  • White Rabbit: Jo Haegeman