A two day workshop to gain a persuasive communication style and boost one’s impact & influence at important meetings and presentations.

This training will enable you to:

  • Create an engaging style, bringing to life everything you say with extra influence, authority and presence
  • Gain examples from compelling speakers, actors, news readers and Presidents
  • Learn the structure and delivery style you need to persuade people
  • Create compelling slides
  • Discover advanced strategies for handling questions

What can you expect from this workshop:

  • Professional presentation skills
  • Body language and voice techniques 
  • Compelling scripting 
  • Strategies for overcoming challenging questions and objections, to win people around with respect and rapport
  • A workbook and personal development plan to put everything into practise for lasting success

The theory sections of the course will be taught with everyone together, then personal coaching and practise will be provided for individuals, working in smaller groups, to give everyone as much time to improve as they need.

The personal coaching time is critical to the success of the course, as people will experience on-the-spot feedback and personal exercises to improve their technique at every stage.

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ACC Hosted

  • Members only
    • Junior
    • Senior
    • Personal skills
  • ACC Belgium Rue Saint-Hubert 17 1150 Brussels


  • "I found it to be incredibly useful and instructive."
  • "I gave a straight 9 on 10! GREAT COURSE!"
  • "We got some very usefull concrete working points that we can put into practis"